Thursday, March 30, 2017

Magical, but a working clothes swap

Esther showing of the wip.
I started to make a long dress for Esther, because I felt that she needed some new clothes. I got an old top from my youngest daughter. She had not been using that one for a couple of years. It was clean, but a little bit worn out. I did not mind, because I just wanted to try a pattern, that I made a bit longer and tighter, from a pattern for a t-shirt at Antique Lilac. I like the bright, almost neon like, pink and thought that the text on the front would be a nice touch.

I used the pattern, had Esther as a model and had fun. Then I had plans to do something new for Zipporah, a long-sleeved t-shirt (same pattern) and a long skirt. But as usually my plans do not go as I thought, especially when it comes to these two. It feels like they have their own mind or some kind of plan to mess things up. They did a magical swap. And it really worked.


Hands and pearls

The bright pink on Esther was just too much. She needs something softer near her face, like pastels or just plain white. Zipporah can carry those bright and even darker colors so much better, so it ended well. I made some jewelry to them too. And started to make a pair of felt booties for Esther. 

I just feel a bit bald, but never mind, take your photos....

Kisses to you!

I wanna hug you!
It was nice to just sit and sew, pearl and get scared a couple of times by the neighbors happy, happy dog. Every time he gets the chance to go out, he barks once. It is like a routine. "Yay, I am out - let everyone know - BARK!" I am glad that I did not have a needle in my hand or worked with the sewing machine. Just some pearls that ended somewhere else. 

Zipporah in bright pink!

Can you look up a bit, Zipporah! 

"Oh, sun in my face..."

Zipporah: "So, tell me about the dream you had..."
Esther: "Well, it was a sunny day and I was out in the forest. I found a camping spot..."

Esther: "So, do you think she will finish my shoes?"
Zipporah: "Sure, absolutely!"
Esther: "Are you sarcastic now, Zipporah?"
Zipporah: "No, never!"
Esther: "Oh, gosh, I never know with you!"
I wish you a happy weekend. Hope that you are doing well.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Such a handsome beauty...

Hope that you are doing well! It has been a while. My energy has been rather low, so I have mostly been painting and testing out some soft pastels by doing art journaling and even some bible journaling. It is fun, I even made my own gesso!

When it comes to my cute dollies, they keep me company and have a lot more patience that I have ever seen. Their faces radiate a lot of "we-will-be-here-when-you-are-ready". My husband told me that it will come, soon - the energy to create, play and take photos. The Spring has not sprung yet, but it is on the way. 
(c) Dollmore
Borrowed this one from Dollmore (c) 
But the energy does not keep me from looking and following some news. My favourite company released a very beautiful boy doll the other day - and his face is just adorable. Fell totally and hit my head hard. It was no stars that circled my head, it was hearts!

I really hoped that this handsome one would be around 40-45 cm, my pain level, but he is 71 cm.


Then my mind went of for its self. I can take the head, just the head and have it floating around here looking all beautiful. But that would not work either, because I really like them with a body.

So, what is your thoughts about big dolls? And do you have a level that is too much for your? What about those tiny ones? How tiny can a doll be?