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Hope that you are doing well! It has been a while. My energy has been rather low, so I have mostly been painting and testing out some soft pastels by doing art journaling and even some bible journaling. It is fun, I even made my own gesso!

When it comes to my cute dollies, they keep me company and have a lot more patience that I have ever seen. Their faces radiate a lot of "we-will-be-here-when-you-are-ready". My husband told me that it will come, soon - the energy to create, play and take photos. The Spring has not sprung yet, but it is on the way. 
(c) Dollmore
Borrowed this one from Dollmore (c) 
But the energy does not keep me from looking and following some news. My favourite company released a very beautiful boy doll the other day - and his face is just adorable. Fell totally and hit my head hard. It was no stars that circled my head, it was hearts!

I really hoped that this handsome one would be around 40-45 cm, my pain level, but he is 71 cm.


Then my mind went of for its self. I can take the head, just the head and have it floating around here looking all beautiful. But that would not work either, because I really like them with a body.

So, what is your thoughts about big dolls? And do you have a level that is too much for your? What about those tiny ones? How tiny can a doll be?


  1. Aw it's okay if you don't feel like photographing dolls, we all have been there, me more than once!! You'll get to it when you want to get to it and it will be amazing, as you said, dolls are very patient.

    That guy is very handsome!! but I totally understand the size issue. As you know it took me a long time to realize 1/6 dolls were my perfect size. My first doll was 65 cm and I've had 70 cm dolls and 60 cm dolls and I definitely think 70cm is way too big, that one was the first to go for me! That doesn't mean that big dolls aren't for you, I feel more people are comfortable with bigger dolls than small.

    I like dolls smaller than 1/6 but they aren't my favorite either, so I think there is such thing as too small for me! Smaller than my dragon or bleater would be too small hahaha, maybe they are already a bit too small, but they are very portable too.

    I would say to you to try and see if bigger dolls could be your thing but I don't think spending so much money just to see how it goes is an option. Maybe if you know somewhere in your area with big dolls could let you play with one for a bit?

    1. When I was looking for my first doll, I was constantly comparing sizes. Just not doll to doll, but even between doll och other items to get the hang of it - I am so used to think in cm and not at all in inches or in 1/6 and so on. 35 cm, as Esther and Zipporah are, felt just right even if I was a bit interested in some dolls around 45 cm. And still are. Looked even at one doll, 80 cm…but after seeing some box openings at YouTube - those dolls felt huge and heavy. Noomi is rather heavy, even if she is just 40,5 cm.

      In some way a taller doll would be easier to sew clothes to and handle, if I do not think about the weight. And when a handsome guy like this comes around, it messes me up totally. Then I like the tiny ones that you can put in your purse or pocket and go out and take photos. A big one do not have that positive side. I would carry it like a mischief kid under my arm.

      Great idea! There are not so many nearby who own big dolls, but the event in late fall is one opportunity to see and maybe feel/play with a big doll. Need to have that in mind.

      And thanks, I will get back - slowly with the sun, Spring and the warmth. (◡‿◡✿)

  2. Creative energy fluctuates, but it'll be back! Keep doing what makes you happy.
    He's cute and his face looks too young to be 71cm tall I think! He'd look cute on a 60cm body, perhaps?
    My personal size limit is 70ish cm, I'd rather not have an 80cm doll!

    1. It really does and it makes me sometimes so frustrated. And a bit sad, too, because I really really enjoy my time with my resin girls.

      Had to check out his face again, and you have a point there - he looks a bit young and a shorter body would maybe suit him well. But then there is the issue with resin color, neck size and which body. But at the same time, it is fun issues! ٩(♡ε♡)۶

      We all have our limits. In the beginning, when searching for the perfect one, I read a article where the owner had bought a 105 cm tall doll and got a shock when the doll arrived. But gladly they bonded well :)

  3. I can see why you would like this doll. I think the face is quite lovely too. Dollmore do make some really nice dolls.

    I actually have dolls in all the sizes, from 16cm (my smallest bjd) to the tallest at 70cm. I actually don't mind the tall dolls. They are a bit awkward to take out and about though but if I'm taking photos of them around the house, it's fine and they seem to work better with some of the items around the house. I only have two in that size though and wouldn't really want any more than that. I wouldn't go any taller than 70cm though. That's already pretty big to me however the two I have don't seem that way because they are more lanky perhaps.

    As for tiny dolls, I think 16cm is the smallest I can go. I used to own a real puki which is even smaller and found it was a bit too small for me.

    1. His face is just one of the best. I had thoughts about that face, as a tinier version, on a body about 45 cm. Their Alex-doll would be perfect and customers have already made some wishes for a similar doll as Ezra, but in just that size…so one can hope!

      I am glad that there is a range of sizes among the hobby. There is no trouble at all for the collectors to find a suitable size. You can adjust your hobby for many things - if you have the place, the main reason for the dolls (photography and so on) and even health wise, I can not carry too heavy dolls because of my carpal tunnel syndrome, so in a way those tiny one are better. But if they are too tiny, I get in trouble again with my wrists because of the crappy pain.

      My smallest doll, in my whole collection, is a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe. She is cute, but does not get the amount of attention as I would like. I still feel that I am in the ”adjust-and-find-level”, when it comes to the sizes. But still, my two Narshas feel like the best size for me.

  4. I feel you in regards to low energy :( Hopefully we'll get more energy soon!

    The Dollmore boy is very pretty. I understand why 71 may seem too huge for some people.
    Personally, I'm not really bothered by heights at all, but I did try and keep it below 68cm, now I'm trying to keep it below 75cm XD But to be fair, my smallest SD is gonna be 60cm now, instead of 54cm like she used to be.

    1. Thank you Nikki! I hope so too! I just need to find something that motivates me at the moment. Said to my hubby that, when the moment comes - it is best to just do it and use it. Last time it happened, I made some curtains. Yay!

      He really is so, so pretty! The heights can be a bit awkward in the beginning, being used to a certain size for a while. I had some difficulties with Noomi, she was so heavy, so I did not know how to handle her. Poor thing was mostly in the box and I carried her that way. :D It is mostly a question of what one is used to have and play with. :D

      I try to open up for other sizes, even if I feel that just Esther and Zipporah are the best sizes, because there are so many beautiful dolls around. Your dolls are so beautiful and they do not feel large at all, looking at the photos. :D

  5. Hi Niina,
    Sounds like you have been suffering the winter blues, but splurging on that handsome lad will soon put and end to that I'm sure. :) He's too big for me though. 42cm is my limit, I'm more of a tiny doll collector as the majority of mine are between 16cm and 32cm, I do have 4 smaller and a few larger dolls too.

    Anyhow, I'm pleased you are back in the land of dollies again.

    1. Hello there! And good morning from Sweden. The winter is not letting go and it is snowing right now. I really long for sunshine, bird tweets and the wonderful smell of nature waking up! Hope to enjoy some of that during Easter!

      When they announced Ezra, I hoped that he would be a bit smaller - but I like looking at him and thinking about personality and photographing. He is very photogenic.

      And yes, step by step - back to the land of dollies!
      Hugs! <3

  6. It is perfectly fine if you are not feeling okay, sometimes one needs to take a step back from stuff, and see them from a distance.

    And dang, 71cm is just so big... I personally don't like to own big dolls: they are too heavy, too big and take up too much space, they are more expensive and so are they accesories. As for tiny dolls, I think 16cm is the tiniest I'd go. A 10cm doll is cute but I think they'd be so hard to sew for!

    1. Thanks Musume! :) And sometimes it can be a good thing, too, to breathe and do other things. Ones soul needs that.

      There is a good side with those tiny dolls. It is easy to fix accessories and make things for them. Even easier to make dioramas and housing for them. I feel that my limit there goes around there too, 14-16 cm - even if those very tiny ones are totally cute. It would be a different thing if my hands 'worked' properly.

      If I had more space, than just my little corner, I think that it would be a different issue. I would buy a bit bigger dolls. But for the moment it is rather crowded at my desk. Cozy, but crowded. I would not know where to put a handsome guy and his tallness. O_o He would barely fit under the cupboard, on the table, as the others.


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