Magical, but a working clothes swap

Esther showing of the wip.
I started to make a long dress for Esther, because I felt that she needed some new clothes. I got an old top from my youngest daughter. She had not been using that one for a couple of years. It was clean, but a little bit worn out. I did not mind, because I just wanted to try a pattern, that I made a bit longer and tighter, from a pattern for a t-shirt at Antique Lilac. I like the bright, almost neon like, pink and thought that the text on the front would be a nice touch.

I used the pattern, had Esther as a model and had fun. Then I had plans to do something new for Zipporah, a long-sleeved t-shirt (same pattern) and a long skirt. But as usually my plans do not go as I thought, especially when it comes to these two. It feels like they have their own mind or some kind of plan to mess things up. They did a magical swap. And it really worked.


Hands and pearls

The bright pink on Esther was just too much. She needs something softer near her face, like pastels or just plain white. Zipporah can carry those bright and even darker colors so much better, so it ended well. I made some jewelry to them too. And started to make a pair of felt booties for Esther. 

I just feel a bit bald, but never mind, take your photos....

Kisses to you!

I wanna hug you!
It was nice to just sit and sew, pearl and get scared a couple of times by the neighbors happy, happy dog. Every time he gets the chance to go out, he barks once. It is like a routine. "Yay, I am out - let everyone know - BARK!" I am glad that I did not have a needle in my hand or worked with the sewing machine. Just some pearls that ended somewhere else. 

Zipporah in bright pink!

Can you look up a bit, Zipporah! 

"Oh, sun in my face..."

Zipporah: "So, tell me about the dream you had..."
Esther: "Well, it was a sunny day and I was out in the forest. I found a camping spot..."

Esther: "So, do you think she will finish my shoes?"
Zipporah: "Sure, absolutely!"
Esther: "Are you sarcastic now, Zipporah?"
Zipporah: "No, never!"
Esther: "Oh, gosh, I never know with you!"
I wish you a happy weekend. Hope that you are doing well.


  1. Oh I love it when people recycle things. The dress, skirt and shirt look great. Do you handsew?

    I really dig the pink colour a lot.

    Is this one of the newer templates? It looks good. I like how you customized it.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks :) I really like to use fabrics from old clothes and 'left overs'. Sometimes I buy bundles of bits and pieces of fabric on sale. You can come a long way with that. And make even memories, as with a blanket I made from different old clothes. And yes, I prefer to handsew. Bigger things I usually take with the sewing machine.

      Yes, it is one of the newer templates, had to try out one of them. I liked them a lot - so much different. It was a bit confusing with the customizing, but at last it worked out.

      Enjoy weekend.

  2. I agree they look better with the swapped clothes, I love their new outfits and jewelry!!!! I think the worn out fabric gives it a very nice touch to the clothes, not everything has to be pristine new, it gave the outfit lots of personality (and the color helps too, love pink!)
    Let's hope that dog won't scare you in the worst of times, be careful :) !

    Love how your blog is looking!!

    1. Thank you! I agree with you, it can be a nice touch with the used clothes as fabric. And who does not like pink!! :•)
      I need to learn the times when the neighbor goes out with the happy barking dog. :•D
      Thanks, just had to try the new templates!

  3. Great recycling Niina! The girls look cute in their new outfits and I am pleased y,ou had time to play.

    1. Thank you so much. They sure do look cute. And it was fun to play a bit and it gave me some energy. Feels good! Hugs!

  4. I think this was an amazing project! Love the dresses, they look very cute :D

  5. I love making things for my dolls, it makes it feel so personal. <3 Your girls are so cute!! :D

    1. Thank you! I do so too, love making them things. It is pure bonding time!


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