Friday, July 21, 2017


Hellou and hope that you are doing well! We are doing just fine and this summer has really gone by fast. We are in the beginning of our countdown for a trip back home, to reality, school, work, autumn...but still some weeks to go that we can enjoy. 

Had some plans to post about my newest addition, but life got in the way. My mother in law and her sister ended up in the hospital, on the same day, with just hours apart. What is the odds for this to happen? And it got crazier. Both had pneumonia! Both got penicillin and are home now, doing much much better. What a relief!! The day after, on the 18th July, we celebrated my mother in law's birthday. She is 98 year now. Amazing.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Suvi on a trip

I am ready, let's go! Made a simple dress the evening before and
the shawl I crocheted in the car, on our way. It is twisted and can be used
in two different ways.
Hellou from the south Öland. Some old houses in the background.
On a sunny day, we - the whole family, took a road trip to the city Kalmar and the island of Öland. I took Suvi along and thought that it would be fun. And it was.