Suvi on a trip

I am ready, let's go! Made a simple dress the evening before and
the shawl I crocheted in the car, on our way. It is twisted and can be used
in two different ways.
Hellou from the south Öland. Some old houses in the background.
On a sunny day, we - the whole family, took a road trip to the city Kalmar and the island of Öland. I took Suvi along and thought that it would be fun. And it was.
Kalmar is a city in the southeast of Sweden, by the Baltic Sea and was one of the most important cities between 13th and 17th century. It was a fortified city, with the Kalmar Castle as the center. In the year 1658 the importance diminished, until the industry sector made a difference in the 19th century. From Kalmar you can drive over the Öland Bridge to the island of Öland. We did that.
Kalmar and the island of Öland are pretty beautiful and very flat. Perfect for them who love to bicycle! We drove our car and could enjoy a lot that way. On the island the cattle walk and live freely. No fences at all, so you had to look up!
Suvi in a rose garden. It was a bit windy and late evening, that is why the focus is a bit off.
Suvi by the Baltic Sea, in Mörbylånga. I picked some pebbles there. 

Suvi and some pebbles
Suvi relaxing in Mörbylånga.
In Mörbylånga. She is doing her best to not say anything about the smelly alga.
Windmill, a typical sight on the island of Öland.
Around the Kalmar castle you can walk, have a picnic or just enjoy your free time. Inside the castle you can experience how it was in the medieval time. I visited the little renaissance garden they have. Such beautiful flowers and plants. We drove even to the tiny city Mörbylånga on the island of Öland. 
Kalmar Castle
Flat as can be. A memorial place on the island of Öland.
It was a lovely day and it was nice to have a day with the family. On that day I got a note that my package, sent by Lise at Daggry Saga, had arrived. I picked it up the following day and found this cutie, that I bought, inside. More about her later on....
Meow. More about her in the coming post...


  1. Beautiful landscapes and cute little Suvi! :D I usually remind myself a lot how much fun I've had taking photos from dolls before, so that I would have at least one tiny doll with me where ever I go. :) I must be a bit biased as Alisa was my first Pureneemo doll too, but I love your little Suvi, and I'll be so exited to see even more photos from your kitty Alisa!! >w< How exiting. ^__^

    1. The nature, landscapes and city lines are very beautiful over here. I always enjoy the trips we make when we have our summer vacation. And with a tiny doll like Pureneemo’s are, you can always have a doll along. That is what I like about these dolls and that they are so cute! And very posable, need to just learn how to handle the tiny body (✿◠‿◠) And thank you, I look forward to sharing some photos from kitty Alisa. Thinking about names at the moment...

  2. What lovely photos. Thanks for sharing your day with us. It looks beautiful and scenic and of course, castles! I love castles although I would imagine they would be fairly cold to live in during winter!

    You seem to have caught the Pureneemo bug. Congrats on your second girl. Both look very adorable.

    1. Thank you! It was a nice day and for some years ago i got the chance to see this castle on the inside. It was beautiful, but rather cold - good on a hot summer day, but not so much during the winter. There where fireplaces from that time, but I can imagine that those did not give so much heat. Castles have something romantic about them, and my imagination goes wild visiting and seeing these buildings. It is interesting, historically.

      And yes, the Pureneemo bug have hit me hard. They are so cute. <3

  3. Awww, she is just so cute!! I hope you had a lovely day, the sight-seeing looks amazing, and castles!!! I'd love to see one of them in person <3

    1. Thank you, we had a lovely day and there is a lot to see here in southern parts of Sweden. And Suvi's cute face suited just perfectly in these surroundings. :) There are many castles and buildings with historical meaning. I hope that someday you can see these castles in person 👍🏼.

  4. What lovely photos! Such beautiful scenery and the castle looks really beautiful. It's always interesting to see castles and learn about their history! Also, Suvi looks adorable in the outfit you made her. :D

    1. Thanks! I like to share about the surroundings nearby there I am. Castles and places like that are always interesting :)
      I wanted to make something simple and summer-like - are rather happy with the results. :)


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