Hellou and hope that you are doing well! We are doing just fine and this summer has really gone by fast. We are in the beginning of our countdown for a trip back home, to reality, school, work, autumn...but still some weeks to go that we can enjoy. 

Had some plans to post about my newest addition, but life got in the way. My mother in law and her sister ended up in the hospital, on the same day, with just hours apart. What is the odds for this to happen? And it got crazier. Both had pneumonia! Both got penicillin and are home now, doing much much better. What a relief!! The day after, on the 18th July, we celebrated my mother in law's birthday. She is 98 year now. Amazing.

And now - let me introduce Kielo to you! For a while ago, when I wrote about my first Pure Neemo, I got a question from Lise at Daggry Saga, if I had some other favorites among these dolls. Long story short - one of my favorites, Sahra's a'la Mode Meow Meow Russian Blue Alisa, was on the way to her and she had thoughts about selling her and I was very interested in buying! On the same day I took Suvi out on a trip, the doll arrived to our tiny local store here nearby our cottage. Picked it up on our way to my mother in law and opened the package. Could not resist. ⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒

She is such a cute little one! Just love her. Thank you Lise! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ And here are some photos! First four are taken at my mother in law, in her living room. The rest is taken in Jakobstorp, where we have our cottage.

The box. Adore the shadow!

In the box, poor thing.

Hellou, I am Kielo (Lily of the valley in Finnish) and out of the box, finally! 

Her things.
Oh, stop it!

What should I do now, just stand here?

Wait! Do not go!

Strike a pose. 

Rawr! I am dangerous! 

Nice to relax in the sun.

Well, well - it is raining!

But I am still pretty!


  1. Kielo is a wonderful name. It sounds very cute.
    And as I said in PMs, I'm really glad she arrived safely and that you like her :3
    She is much cuter in your photos than in Azone's own.

    1. Thank you so much 😊 and I am glad too, that she arrived safe and sound. Living in the forest like we do, can be tricky for the postman to find. 🤦🏼‍♀️ And I really do like her a lot. Such a cutie! ❤️

  2. She is very cute and pretty x3 congrats on her arrival! I adore her innocent expression :3

    1. Thank you 😊 Her face is so adorable and I do love the expression she has!

  3. I'm glad to hear your Mother in law and her sister are doing well now. It is odd they ended up in hospital hours apart though! And 98, wow. That is pretty great. I only hope I can live to that age!

    Congratulations on your new addition. It's so lovely to see you having so much fun with your new girl. I'm always glad to see Pureneemos running around. I am sad that I haven't had time to play with mine. Just been very busy lately.

    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! We're in winter still which is nice and it's been lovely and cold. This kind of weather is quite unusual for my neck of the woods so I am thoroughly enjoying it while it lasts.

    1. We are glad too that both are doing well. When their brother told us that the ambulance picked the sister up and that she had pneumonia too - we thought it was a bad joke, but who would joke about that? We phoned the sister (named Svea) the next day - all was fine and she was surprised that mother in law (Anna) ended up at the hospital too.

      Thank you so much! She is a cute little one and I enjoy playing with her and taking pictures nearby our cottage. Hope that you can get some time for your pureneemos soon! They are so fun!

      Today is a wonderful day with sunshine and the Baltic Sea Festival here. The girls went there and had fun.

  4. Great to hear your mother in law and her sister are good now. It is quite scary to have elder people having pneumonia, that can be bad for them. I'm happy you got to clebrate your mother in law's birthday too, such high age. I hope both are doing well. ^__^

    Kielo is such a cute name. I love this Russian Blue Alisa, so cute! I would've bought one myself if I wouldn't have had Alisa already. :D Congratulations, it was total joy to see her photos. ^__^


    1. Thank you! We hoped for the best and kept our fingers crossed. Both are doing well, but they gave us a good scare getting ill like that. Pneumonia is hard on older people.

      She's been on my wishlist since I saw her, but I was not fast enough then. I'm very happy that I could buy Lise's. :D

  5. I'm glad to hear that your mother in law and her sister are doing better! ^^

    Congrats on your new addition! Kielo is a lovely name for her. :D I really love her expression, such a cutie. ♥ The photos are great! I love the one where she is "dangerous"! Rawr!! xD

    1. Thank you, she is doing so much better now and we are all glad about that.

      I thought a lot about the name and had some in mind, but felt that nothing suited. She was nameless for some days. I'm happy 😊 with this name.

      Haha, it's a favorite too - rawr 🐯! And the last one ❤️

  6. Glad your mother in law and her sister are okay!! what a scary moment must have been for everyone

    Congrats on the new doll! I think I mentioned on IG but I really didn't like her promo photos when the pre order came. Yours do her much more justice!!

    1. Thank you and it was a bit worrisome having both elderly at the hospital like that. I spoke with her yesterday (mother in law) and she was doing well. Had eaten, watched some great stuff on the TV and looked forward to seeing us soon.

      Yes, you mentioned her promo photos and thank you 😊 for liking the ones I have taken. It means a lot. I think that she has more attitude than the photos show.

  7. Late to respond Niina, but happy to read you MIL & her sister are in recovery . . . whatever would we do without penicillin eh?

    Congrats on your new addition, she's a sweetie and Kielo is such a pretty name. I have enjoyed seeing all her photos, you did such a great job of the shoot.

    1. Yes, what would we do without penicillin!! I'm glad that the medics helped them!

      Thank you, it was a great time for us in the woods. A bit windy, but thankfully sunny. I really love this cutie. Happy you like the name :) Hugs!

  8. It is great that both your mother in law and her sister are getting better now!

    Your Alisa is just lovely!! I love those Meow girls, just too cute!! The name Kielo is great :3

    1. Thank you, Musume! It really is great. It took a bit longer for my mother in law's sister to get back to her normal self, though.

      Yes, she is and I agree, those Meow girls are just too cute. :)


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