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'The Uncanny Valley'

"Hah, it's a dolly episode!"

That was what my husband said one evening when we started to watch an episode of Criminal Minds, from 2010. And after the episode he joked and said "Now I know how you are!"
The short version: I am a bit nuts.

Well, this episode is about a lady, who works as a nurse at a center and she has an unusual personal obsession as the show itself describes it. She lost her dolls, when she was young, and tries to re-create these dolls by using petite humans - tiny young women. She uses medications to get the women to sit still as dolls and she has tea parties.
When it comes to the hobby, I'm always interested to see how shows, other people and movies portrait collectors and those who like dolls. So far it has only been scary with dolls, collectors have been crazy and even murderous. Or the dolls have similar characteristics. Nothing so far have showed the opposite, and of course I wonder why.
Do people outside the hobby see us like odd p…

Those big dolls

In the early beginning, I blogged about ”Big dolls! Or small ones?” and have ever since had my mind set on those smaller ones that do not have much weight. During summer time and the vacation at our cottage…and carrying around Noomi, with her couple of kg, I started to think about those bigger ones again. 
Before I went to bed, I watched some box openings with dolls that are from 45 cm (17 inch) up to around 70 cm (27 inch, give and take). I have always felt that these are too big for me, but when you see all kinds of beautiful BJD’s being un-boxed, with amazing sculpts and detailed parts - you really feel like hit in the head and that can make you talk and plan ’crazy things’.
Like, how would a bigger doll suit in my crew and were would I find one. Just look at these two, Claus and Nina. And yes, could it not be a little bit fun to have a doll sculpt with that name, haha! And Nina just alone, with the darker skin (Zipporah's mother?)- so beautiful. 
I’m not going to just jump on…

Suvi and Kielo

On a sunny day in Jakobstorp, a little village in the middle of nowhere...