Those big dolls

Noomi, just a random picture.
In the early beginning, I blogged about ”Big dolls! Or small ones?” and have ever since had my mind set on those smaller ones that do not have much weight. During summer time and the vacation at our cottage…and carrying around Noomi, with her couple of kg, I started to think about those bigger ones again. 

Before I went to bed, I watched some box openings with dolls that are from 45 cm (17 inch) up to around 70 cm (27 inch, give and take). I have always felt that these are too big for me, but when you see all kinds of beautiful BJD’s being un-boxed, with amazing sculpts and detailed parts - you really feel like hit in the head and that can make you talk and plan ’crazy things’.

Like, how would a bigger doll suit in my crew and were would I find one. Just look at these two, Claus and Nina. And yes, could it not be a little bit fun to have a doll sculpt with that name, haha! And Nina just alone, with the darker skin (Zipporah's mother?)- so beautiful. 

I’m not going to just jump on this train, need to think a bit more. But it has been, honestly, on my mind a lot. Have a little list (in my head) with pros and cons. So, we will see where this will take me. 

Probably nowhere, but it is fun to play with the thought.


  1. Hey Niina, I always say if you're going to dream...DREAM BIG! I am being good myself (although I have recently received a few more dolls that I am yet to show you) and not ordering anything more for a little while, so any new additions you decide add to your family will help fill the gap. :)

    1. Hellou there! :) You are sure right about the DREAM BIG thing! I have been thinking and this big tanned beautiful lady is something that could suit as Zipporah's mother. I'm getting more used to this thought. But (there is always a but!) I need to look more and be sure. And build up a story too. :)
      Look forward to seeing the new additions you will show us! That will fill my gap for a while! :D

  2. P.S. Love the new blog layout!

    1. Thank you! :) I got some trouble with the last theme, with links and photos not showing - so I went back to basics. I'm happy with the results. Gives me more control too!

  3. It's always a back and forth isn't it? I am going the opposite way to you. I have the bigger dolls and I often wonder if I should cull them from my collection because I don't do a lot with them but then there are times I feel like photographing my bigger dolls instead of my smaller ones so I guess in the end, it's really a matter of taste.

    It's good that you're taking your time to think about it. Making that jump from smaller dolls to bigger dolls is no small matter. Do you know anyone in your area with the bigger dolls? It might help to see one in person and to handle them to get a feel for what you'd be getting yourself into.

    I think the big dolls have their pros and cons just like the smaller dolls. Personally speaking, I find the bigger dolls have a bigger range and variety in head sculpts that I often wish was available in the smaller sizes to be honest.

    If you decide to jump in the bigger dolls pool, I'd be happy to start you off with some clothing as I have a ton of SD size clothing I could donate to you to get you started.

    Definitely keep us up to date with what you decide. And good luck!

    1. Oh it sure is back and forth when it comes to the sizes. I do feel that something are changing and it has done this since the beginning. First plan was to have only on, that's why I took the time to find the one I really felt for. Then I thought I would keep it to the smaller ones, like Narsha with her 35cm. And then came Noomi...and now, like 50+ cm in size. What's happening? :D

      When I think about the dolls I have, they are easy to work with, the right size and so - but sometimes they feel small and the tiny details with clothes and so, can be an issue for my hands because I have carpal tunnel. But a heavy doll is a not so great thing either.

      It is a big jump and there's a lot to think about and I'm glad that I can vent this with you who know a bit more, about SD sized dolls. There's a lady who has a larger doll about 3-4 hours drive from here, but I only know her slightly. But it can not hurt to ask, right. :D

      There is pros and cons with all sizes and dolls. Need to figure out what kind, from where or maybe just let the feelings decide. And if those feelings still are intact after a time, well, there's my answer!

      I will keep you up to date and thank you ever so much for the thought with the donation of clothes! So so kind! <3 Thank you!

  4. I know the feeling of getting new ideas and changing your mind. Oh boy, do I know it?
    I think it's a great idea to consider it a lot before buying. The second hand market is terrible and you lose a lot when selling, unless you're ready to wait months. :(
    Still, I think it's an interesting idea with Claus and Nina :) I hope you will come to a decision at some point and share it with us <3

    1. Oh boy, those new ideas just hit you and it's all so exciting! Still is, and that I'm glad about. Just need to let things sink in. I do not want to just run into this without thinking. It has been on my mind before, but this time it feels a bit different.
      If I buy one SD-sized doll, I want to be sure. I do not want to have the feeling of naw- let's sell her/him. Talked with my hubby about this and he had some good questions that I need to have in mind - I will share my thoughts along the way. Vent, ramble and so on! :D
      Claus and Nina has the elements I'm searching for in a way...oh my.

  5. I think SD have tempted us all in a given moment in the hobby. However, maybe you can go to a meetup and handle a "big doll" before purchasing one? It could help you make up your mind!

    However, I love the sculpts you chose, and I do hope you will share your decision with us. Good luck!! :D

    1. Yes, and this is my given moment in the hobby :D Will give it time and hope, because I want to make a good decision that I can live with and enjoy. I agree that holding and seeing one in SD-size would probably help me a lot in my decision.
      Thank you, I will keep you updated! :)


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