Saturday, April 20, 2019

Hoppy Easter!

Well, it has been a while and I hope that you are doing well. I am just fine, even if I have been a bit tired and have had pains in my joints. But Spring is here and the sun is shining, so I cannot be down!

At the moment we are at our cottage, enjoying our time and I thought I could blog from my phone. A year ago, during Easter, we had a lot of snow but this year there is no snow at all. At most we have had around +35 degrees celsius during the day and below zero during the nights. Blue skies, flowers, butterflies, birds, baby squirrels and other cute animals fill the forest and nearby places. I have been walking in the forest and even dipped into the lake the other day. This is not so normal for April, because it usually is colder and even snow at some places. Earth is getting hotter and that is no good thing.

During the evenings I have been listening to audio books and sewing, painting and making an new doll out of my monster high doll Howleen Wolf. She is now a blind rabbit. I tried to paint her with acrylics and it turned out rather ok for being my first try, but I still did not like the results. After watching some tutorials and repaints on YouTube, I went all in and made her new from scratch. Mask, clothes, shoes, details and ears. Put her wolf ears to the side on her head, covered her (messy) face with a mask made in clay (fimo) and decorated her shoes with fabrics and fluffy yarn. 

I sketched a outline for the mask and cut out a piece in the same shape from the clay. I put the dolls head in aluminium foil and shaped the clay around it. In the oven for about 8 minutes, then out and take the head from the foil and put the foil and mask back again for 2 minutes. Then, after all parts cooled, it was time to glue the mask on. I did this after making her hair and glueing some fluffy fabric on her head and the yarn wefths. 

And here she is. Her name is Asta and her dæmon is a bunny (a gift from Alasse, thank you) named Pavel. Enjoy the photos and Happy Easter.