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Recast or not to recast...?

Yesterday was the 22nd November, a day to show the support you have for BJD-artists. The world of Ball Jointed Dolls can in a way be seen divided in two camps - those who say no to recast and those who are recast-friendly. Just the information about different shops, sizes and molds can be a lot to handle in the beginning of the hobby, but then the question about recast comes along. When I started to read about the hobby and BJD's, I could see that some of the dolls I liked could be found for a lower price. That made me wonder and I made a search and stumbled over the word recast.
I will only buy dolls from legit companies. I mostly worry about the second-hand market and the dolls that are sold there. It is hard to see the difference because the dolls that are recast, are so well made.
Other thing that worries me is the hatred. On some sites the comments are harsh between the visitors and their opinions. I would not buy a recast, for my own reasons and one is that I support the BJ…

Black/White or Color?

Are you one of those who have a deeper appreciation and understanding of color than most? Can you see colors in a more advanced and nuanced way - well, then (it is said) you are a lucky one. This indicates that you are highly abstract and are a creative thinker who is able to imagine and think through scenarios in a sophisticated way.

I have always liked the art classes when I went to school. As long as we had vibrant colors, brushes, acrylics and some water. When it came to kroki, drawing postures and the human body, I was totally off. I remember one time when our teacher took a chair, put it high on a table, sat on the chair and said to the class to sit around him and paint him. You must be kidding me! To fly without wings sounded much easier. 
My artistic side has its ups and downs. Right now it is mostly off - have not been painting in a very long time. Hope to do so soon. I have helped the kids with their projects in art class, nothing more.

I got my first camera in the early 19…

Autumn vacation....

Image over. Tomorrow is a normal Monday and a new week ahead. The girls had a week off from school and hubby had some days off from work, so we took a trip to mother-in-law and our cottage. I took along Fayanna and thought that if I have time and a chance, I can take some photos of her. She needed some fresh air, I think. The week was nice, sunny and the change of scenery was well needed for us all. Mother-in-law was really happy that we could come and she really enjoyed her days. She is born 1919 and it is amazing that she is in such a good health as she is. She lives alone but has home help several times a day. But when we are there, we all pitch in when ever it is needed.  One day we took a trip to the cottage, to check things out and visit my husbands aunt and uncle. We had som "fika", as it is called in Swedish. It means to have coffee, tea or some other beverage with something good to eat like cake, sandwich and cookies. You eat, drink and talk. So we did that. It wa…