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Flowers in her hair

I'm sitting in our kitchen and have one window open. The wind is blowing hard out there and at some points it feels like it is tossing around the trees and plants. You can hear it. I do not mind the weather, it is rather cozy to be indoors and listen to the voice of the nature. But summer feels far, far away, though.  There is a Swedish song called "Hon har blommor i sitt hår" - She has flowers in her hair. It is from 1990 and was a big hit then. The artist is Anders Glenmark and it seems like he is back on stage again after being with his family for a long time. Every summer or when it is Mid summer, I hum this song.  I like the song. And I like flowers in the hair. So, when I was shopping in Örebro (the nearest and largest town around here) I bought some flowers to the dollies. Even some butterflies and birds. I think it is a simple way to give your dollies a summer look. Over it is a fashion now to have flowers in your hair and even as necklaces, elastic headbands or…

Glittery hearts....

You know the feeling, when you browse the net just for fun and of course the places where they have all the dollies and you suddenly stumble over something that just takes your breath away. And you mind starts to travel far away in the dollie-land, with no contact with the real world?
This happened to me the other day, when I visited Dollmore. They released a new Lusion Doll - Drawing Elenoir. My head popped and got filled with glittery hearts. I saw her, in my mind, among the trees and stones near our cottage. Her wild hair blowing in the wind, she was on a mission. On a mission to find the faun she spotted some days earlier and she had her painting-stuff with her. No camera is good for her, she likes to paint it. While she is searching for the faun, she picks flowers and puts them in her hair. She sings a song or maybe she recites, whispering, her favorite poem. In the forest she is in her favorite element. Where ever she goes, there is a shining light - soft and warm. She is humbl…


Esther, a funny little one.
1. What's your name? - Esther, as the Jewish queen in the Bible. 2. What's your nationality/ethnicity? - I'm a funny blend of Finnish and Swedish, spiced with cinnamon. 3. When where you born/how old are you? - Hey, a lady never reveals her age! But I was born when the full moon was high up in the sky and the wolf howled. 4. What's your race (human, demon etc)? - Human with angelic personality. 5. Are you single/taken and who is your partner? (If single, who is your crush?) - Single, no crush and lots of love for Zipporah. 6. Sexual orientation (if any)? - Giggle! *blushes 7. Favorite hobby? - To take a walk in the forest at late night and listen to the sounds in the nature. 8. Favorite food/drink? - Spicy foods! Oh so yummy! I'm hungry now! And I love sparkling water. 9. Do you have a job? - Being pretty? Nah, just joking! I need to study first, I have some years left 10. Favorite animal? - Dragons and lizards!
Basic info about the doll:
-From Do…

Buttons of childhood!

I remember the summers of my childhood, visiting my grandparents in their house, near the lake Saimaa, in Finland. The summers where warm, sunny and filled with trips to the lake and cozy hugs from my grandmother Aili (father's mother) and some fun mischief from grandfather Arvi (father's father). 
But I remember other things too. On the shelf to the fireplace, in the living room, my grandmother had an old tin jar filled with buttons. The tin jar was an old jar from the time she had coffee in it, but then she decided to have buttons in it and save the coffee in something new. This old jar with the lid with a knob was something special. Those buttons in it were a mix of new and old, with a history. From a blouse, a shirt, some pants or a skirt. Some just one of, others many. 
The other thing I remember is the fabrics I got from my grandmother's Edit (mother's mother) cousin Helli. She used to sew a lot and she gave me the 'left overs'. She gave me a scissor, th…

Patterns, patterns, patterns.....

Patterns. It is not so simple. The sizes on my Dollmore Narsha dolls are in a way "difficult" and I am not the only one thinking so. For me they have the perfect size as dolls but when it comes to patterns - this size is almost like a curse. And to find other doll clothes that fit the Narsha dolls are as difficult as finding patterns. So far I have bought clothes from Dollmore and made some easy peasy tights and t-shirts to them. But if I want to make something extra...well, then I meet the trouble with too tiny or too big patterns. I am not so good at making own patterns, but I have seen some videos and tutorials about that, so maybe I will learn. One day. 
During the years I have been in this hobby, I have found out that Tildas World and the dolls she has made - those clothes patterns can work. To stitch or to crochet is no trouble at all, those sizes is just to measure and make. And that works even with clothes made from socks. The last days I have been on the internet a…